Use Contenet Marketing for Long-
Term Small Business Success

Content marketing is the most effective way for small business owners to build repeat traffic to their websites.

Our Feature article discusses how to build a website clients and prospects will seek out and return to repeatedly. The Fundamentals article shows a great way to advertise your content with social bookmarking.

1. Feature Article: The ABCs of Small Business Content Marketing, by Joe Pulizzi, of

Pulizzi says you should think small – pick your niche carefully and become known as a trusted expert in it. Think of your customers as readers, then focus on their pain points: what problems do they have that you can solve?

Piluzzi discusses how to decide what content to develop yourself, what to outsource and how to hold down outsourcing costs. He also says not to restrict your definition of content – he cites 42 different types, led by this top 10:

  1. Blog
  2. Enewsletter
  3. White Paper
  4. Article
  5. eBook
  6. Case Study
  7. Testimonials
  8. Microblogging
  9. Webinar/Webcast
  10. Video

Full Article Here

2. Fundamentals: How to Use Social Bookmarking for Search Engine Marketing, via

Think of search engine marketing as another way of saying content marketing. The purpose is to create a content-rich website that people will find when they use search engines to look for solutions to problems.

People create bookmarks on their Web browsers all the time; social bookmarking sites provide a way to record and share them with others. For website owners, this means getting your pages indexed so people searching for content by topic can find it easily.

The article lays out a 10-point approach:

  1. Select social bookmarking sites
  2. Establish a profile
  3. Build authority
  4. Publish high quality content
  5. Write compelling headlines
  6. Include meaningful descriptions
  7. Add social bookmarking buttons
  8. Avoid automated submitters
  9. Stay engaged
  10. Prepare for traffic

Full Article Here

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