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Google’s newest small business helper is one even a technophobe will get right away – a tool to do market research that’s pretty good and really cheap. If you’re considering a new product or a new business concept you may want to use Google Consumer Surveys to test for consumer interest.

1. Feature Article: The One Step Every Entrepreneur Should Take Before Launching a Business, via

Google uses its massive database of publishers and advertisers, combined with new market research techniques, to secure survey responses that are statistically valid to a 5% or less margin of error. You create the survey (or get help to do that) and Google handles the rest.

The service is fast, economical (10 cents per response for a general population sampling, 50 cents for demographically targeted sampling), has a big pool of potential respondents and offers easy to understand data charts. Google recommends 1,500 responses but will sample as few as 500.

Caution: The way you word your questions can bias the outcome of a survey. You can learn the fundamentals with a little research online. Even if you hire professional help it shouldn’t cost a lot, and you still will have an economical project that can save you a lot of money later.

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2. Fundamentals: Worth Every Penny: How to Earn What You Are Worth, by Anita Campbell,

Anita Campbell, editor and CEO of reviews a new business book titled Worth Every Penny: How to Earn What You Are Worth, by Sarah Petty and Erin Verbeck. It addresses the vexing problem most small business owners face at one time or another – how to be competitive without focusing on price.

Petty and Verbeck offer this advice:

  • Make your products and services worth more – better-than-average prices require better-than-average products. Don’t skimp.
  • Provide a high-touch experience for customers – provide a great customer experience that discounters can’t match.
  • Use demand-based pricing – set a price at what consumers will pay and then create the demand you need to meet that price by becoming a recognized expert in your field (which is what Online PR is all about).

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