Legal Risk of Pinterest:
A Cautionary Note

Pinterest is wildly popular, but may expose users to legal risk. This article points out some of those risks.

1. Feature Article: Pinterest and Legal Issues – Read this Before You Pin Anything, by Matt Wilson

Pinterest allows people to share photos and images they find online. You don’t have to write much, but you do have to know the rules.

If you “pin” photos, charts, infographics or other images without permission of the content owner, you will likely be in violation of copyright law. By agreeing to Pinterest’s Terms of Use you put yourself at legal risk.

How about the images you own? By agreeing to the Terms of Use you also grant Pinterest a “…worldwide, irrevocable, perpetual, non-exclusive, transferable, royalty-free license, with the right to sublicense…” your images.

One attorney said the only way to use the site without infringing on others’ copyrights is to use you own images or get permission of the owners. Pinterest is aware of the problem but has no solution yet. That failing, it’s hard to see how the site will remain viable.

Full article here.

2. Fundamentals: 3 Reasons to Make Time for Social Media – By Janine Popick, CEO, Vertical Response

Janine Popik, founder and CEO of Vertical Response, says small business owners must invest time in social media – for some reasons that may surprise you.

  • Your Competitors Are Using It – Follow your competitors on Facebook, Twitter or whatever social media they are using to see what they’re up to. You’re likely to get some ideas you can use yourself.
  • It’s Easy – A number of free services are available to help you manage social media accounts and monitor what people are saying about you and the competition. Products include Hootsuite, TweetDeck and Roost, from Popik’s company.
  • You’ll Get New Customers – Build your online reputation by providing good information from many sources. No more than 20% of items you post should be about you. Include shortened links back to the articles, especially your own!

Full article here.

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