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ONLINE PRescriptions, Issue #013 -- LinkedIn Beats Facebook
June 09, 2012

LinkedIn 277% More
Effective than Facebook

LinkedIn is in the news this week for stolen passwords (change yours now if you haven’t already), but don’t let that keep you away.

It isn’t the sexiest social media site, but it can be one of the best for generating business, especially for B2B operations. Our feature article, by small business coach John Jantsch, explains why.

1. Feature Article: How and Why I Use LinkedIn Groups to Build My Business, by John Jantsch,

Jantsch cites a Hubspot study that showed LinkedIn 277% more effective than Facebook and Twitter for generating leads. He says while the percentages may vary with the business, the clunkier social site is still a hands-down winner because more LinkedIn users are decision makers.

Groups are the key to success. Jantsch says to:

  • Join groups – pick those of interest, then join in the discussions.
  • Reach out to other members individually; send out individual notes to 5 different people each week – not to sell, but to say hi, send a thank you or make a comment.
  • Start groups – you can focus the discussion as you wish, but be prepared to spend the time required to make it work.

Full Article Here

2. Fundamentals: Mobile-friendly Websites Still an SMB Rarity, by Heather Clancy, via

A recent survey of 500 small business owners showed 69% consider mobile marketing critical for growth over the next five years – but only 26% of respondents have taken steps to optimize their websites for mobile devices.

Of those who do have a mobile version of their websites, 84% report increased web traffic for their businesses. Act now to make your site mobile-friendly.

Full Article Here

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