Mobile Marketing:
6 Ways to Get Started Now

The Internet is going mobile in a hurry. Business owners who wait risk losing out. Our lead article looks at 6 tools to help you start lighting up cell phones of customers and prospects right now.

1. Feature Article: 6 Mobile Coupon Platforms for Merchants, by Stephanie Miles,

Miles opens with a can’t-ignore statement: Coupons sent by text message are 8 times more likely to be redeemed than those sent by email and 90% are opened within 3 minutes! She then highlights 6 applications to help you start getting business from mobile marketing now.

  • Cellit Spark – send coupons, alerts, and event information to customers via SMS messages; send unique redemption codes to each subscriber on your mailing list.
  • Placecast – send text messages to customers in the vicinity of your store. Merchants can determine the radius to use for sending automated messages.
  • Momares – send text coupons, invitations, and last-minute offers to customers’ mobile phones. Select a group of recipients, enter a brief message, choosing a delivery time, and click “Send.”
  • Street Savings – Collect customer contact information online, by text or QR codes, then redeem text coupons by credit card terminals and point of sale systems.
  • Qwikon – create and send mobile marketing offers to customers’ phones in less than one minute. Enter discount, limitation, and expiration date information easily, then send.
  • Yowza – send offers to shoppers in the vicinity of your location; up to three coupons available for customers to use at any given time.
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2. Fundamentals: Digital Coupon Users Shop More, Spend More, by Jack Loechner, Center for Media Research

Still not convinced? Loechner cites a 52-week industry study that shows why you should cultivate new and existing customers with digital coupons (both mobile and non-mobile). Compared to traditional shoppers, those who use digital coupons:

  • make 22% more shopping trips per year;
  • spend 23% more per trip;
  • spend 49% more per year, and
  • make 48% more “stock up” trips.

These are compelling numbers that can give your business an instant boost.

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