Use Online Press Releases to
Go Straight to Your Audience

Online press releases are a powerful way to get the news out to your target audience, with or without professional journalists. They also drive traffic to your website and build back-links to improve SEO.

1. Feature Article: Who Needs the Press to Make Sure a Press Release Gets the Word Out? By Shel Holtz

PR executive Shel Holtz takes a dive into the deep waters of online public relations in this blog post.

Why should that matter to you?

As Holtz explains in the article, businesses, not-for-profit groups and individuals can reach their audiences directly with online press releases, with or without involvement of the news media. People who understand that concept and use it have a tremendous advantage.

Holtz gets it. A veteran of corporate and agency public relations, he was an early proponent of using online technology to do PR better.

This article shows how he learned of a business story that was not in the business section of his local newspaper, nor on a news website. He got the news from Twitter.

The press release was published online via PRWeb, discovered and tweeted (with a link to the release) by another person.

Holtz was alerted to it by a tool he uses to collect such information ( and was reading it about the same time news editors were discovering it.

Print and broadcast news still matters, but the clear trend is to online publication. You don’t have to sell a journalist on the merits of your story; you can take it directly to any audience online.

But guess what – journalists see online press releases, too, and frequently use them to find news they put on the air or in print.

This isn’t just for big companies. It will work for any business or organization.

Full Article Here

2. Fundamentals: 7 Ways to Drive Local Traffic to Your Web Site, by Chad Brooks

This is worth a quick read to get you thinking about how to get people to your website. Brooks discusses these online marketing tools:

  • Coupons
  • Videos
  • Local directories
  • Contests and incentives
  • QR codes
  • Social media
  • Email

Full Article Here

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