Small Business Not Safe from
Social Media Viral Issues

Small business owners are flocking to social media to get a marketing edge. But it can be a double-edge sword, as our lead article shows.

It details some important lessons for small business owners arising from the recent Rush Limbaugh – Sandra Fluke controversy that cost the talker a number of advertisers.

1. Feature Article: What Brands Can Learn From The 'Flush Rush' Movement, by Danielle Arceneaux

  • Social media is not just Facebook and Twitter – one person on social news site got the ball rolling, then thousands carried the anger to Limbaugh’s advertisers on other sites.
  • Be sure what you say on social media sites is consistent with what is on your own website. The article details how one sponsor failed to do that.
  • Respond like a human, not a lawyer. Take a point of view, as the CEO of Carbonite did when he explained why his company pulled its ads from the show.
  • Don’t block or delete unfavorable comments just because you don’t like them. You will likely get a stronger response on a different social media site.
  • Small business owners can get embroiled in controversy inadvertently if they advertise on radio stations that carry a show under fire. If you buy a package of spots that can run anytime during the day, you can become a de facto sponsor of any program.


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2. Fundamentals: 5 Ways to Handle Negative Comments on Facebook, by Kyle Lacy

Now that we’ve looked at the possible consequences of a social media misfire, here are some things you can do about them.

  • Respond no matter what – silence may make you appear guilty
  • Use four simple words – “I’m sorry” and “thank you”
  • Contact all involved parties privately – take it offline
  • Don't delete content unless policies are in place – have policies for racism, verbal abuse and others
  • Deflect to a more positive discussion – deal with the issue, then change the topic

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