Don’t Let Social Media Cowboys
Bushwhack Your Brand

Everybody knows about it when a name-brand business gets called out on social media. Small businesses are not immune to attack, either. Many business owners turn to social media specialists for help, but watch out for Internet Cowboys who could herd you into a box canyon.

1. Feature Article: How Small Business Can Keep Social Media Cowboys at Bay, by Fiona Graham, BBC Business News

"If you make customers unhappy in the physical world, they might each tell six friends. If you make customers unhappy on the Internet, they each tell 6,000 friends." – Jeff Bezos

Smart business owners can partially inoculate their businesses by building strong online communities using social media. It’s best to take a personal role in any social media you use, although outsourcing may be a good option as a partial solution.

Graham offers a case study that shows how a small business can use social media to build goodwill and get more orders, and then sounds a warning about social media “experts” she calls Internet cowboys who promise more than they can deliver.

How to Tell Who’s for Real

Graham interviewed online PR expert Peter Shankman, who offered an approach he says will eliminate about 95% of the rogues: “Explain to me what you’ve done for other companies and walk me through how your actions have specifically generated additional revenue for them.”

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2. Fundamentals: Top 7 Web Design Mistakes Small Businesses Make, by Ilya Pozin,

A search engine optimized website should be the hub of marketing activities for any business. Too bad so many small business botch the job when it comes to getting the site right. Pozin cites seven common – and costly – mistakes.

  1. Putting urgency over understanding your target market
  2. Design is too busy or flashy
  3. No clear call to action
  4. Paying too little or too much
  5. Stale, out-of-date content
  6. Trying to target everyone,
  7. Taking the DIY route

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