PR Software and Marketing Tools
for Small Business Marketing

PR software helps business owners and PR people accomplish some routine small business marketing tasks faster and do some things that would be impossible without it.

Logos for Vocus, Google, PRWeb, Tubemogul and others offer preview of content on this and linked pages.

Also, there are a number of marketing tools that save time and assure a professional result, whether used by PR pros or business owners.

There are enough software services and marketing tools to warrant a separate website. Our intent is to introduce you to the ones you can put to work now without being a tech expert. So, we will cover this in a few pages.

For convenience, let’s break down the topic into three distinct functions – creating website content, distributing it and monitoring results.

Website Content Creation – Don’t just think “content creation,” think “website content creation” because all the content you create for online use goes on your website or someone else’s. Learn what you must do and what you have to avoid.

This page discusses how to outsource or produce your own website content pages. This page discusses creating online video content.

Content Distribution– Once online content is created, it must be distributed to a variety of other websites. This page looks at some of the PR software for text and video content distribution.

Reputation Management and Monitoring– Putting out information is only part of the job. If you don’t monitor online channels to see how it is being republished and commented on around the Internet you will miss a great opportunity to improve your results. This reputation management page shows you some of the best ways to do that, including totally free services.