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Who this page contains links for: This page is for participants enrolled in the Concept Keys online training course, “Small Business Marketing with Online PR,” by Jim Bowman, ThePRDoc®. It contains links to materials that relate directly to each key in the course, some of which were mentioned specifically, some of which were not.

For those not enrolled in this course: If you are not enrolled in this professional development course the information here will appear incomplete, at best. This course provides business owners key concepts about how to market their businesses using online public relations.

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Key #1

Click here for more background on what makes online PR such a powerful marketing and public relations tool for small businesses.

Key #2

Click here to see how online PR helped one small business get great online and offline publicity.

Key #3

Here’s a great site for any business to use to learn more about what reporters need. Help a Reporter Out is free. Use it to register yourself as an expert and receive regular emails from HARO with specific information about stories journalists are preparing. They are looking for experts like you!

Key #4

To appreciate how public relations and advertising work together it’s helpful to know more about how they differ. This links to, which outlines some of the key differences.

Key #5

This page looks at the key elements in an online press release. It’s not difficult, but you need to understand the fundamentals.

Click the links below to see a variety of online press releases that got great online and off.

Use holidays to send a message specific to your business.

Tie in with news already being talked about, such as government programs that affect your business.

Special events always make for good press release topics. Besides strong online performance, this release resulted in news coverage from two TV stations.

A catchy headline made this press release an instant online hit, but solid content keeps it alive: three years after publication it is indexed on thousands of pages by Google.

New product safety testing standards prompted Innovative Insulation to re-engineer its leading product and show why it did so.

Key #6

Get more information about how to write and distribute business-building online press releases here.

This PRWeb illustration shows the power of online press releases to reach a wide audience in a hurry, from traditional media to big online news sites, including Google News and Yahoo! News, as well as bloggers and social media sites.

This graphic shows the broad online distribution PRWeb gives to online press releases, including traditional news outlets, online sites such as Google News, bloggers and other social media sites.

PRWeb also provides distribution list details here. Click on the "+" button for expanded details.

Key #7

Click here to learn more about the different formats you can use to publish information online.

Key #8

Click here to go to the Google free keyword tool

Click here to go to the Wordtracker free keyword tool has a great free keyword research tool that presents daily search data from Google, Bing and Yahoo! Go here to see how it works and to sign up for a free account. I prefer this one to the Wordtracker free tool, as it also displays Google Trends, word suggestions from Google and Yahoo! as well as other tools.

Click here for a more detailed look at Keyword Research at

Key #9

Click here to learn about an exciting way to build your business online with a proven step-by-step method from You also can have SiteSell custom build your site for a lot less than you would pay most Web developers.

SiteSell is the system used to build This is an affiliate link. If you purchase SiteSell I will receive a commission – but I wouldn’t recommend it if I didn’t know what a great product this is.

Key #10

The bottom part of this page provides more information about business-building public relations products and services.

Key #11

This site provides a clear methodology to develop and execute a social media strategy that will help grow your business instead of putting people off.

Key #12

The top part of this page provides specific guidance for writing or outsourcing SEO website content.

Key #13

This online slide presentation provides an easy to understand explanation of using social media for market research that is quick, inexpensive and effective. Some of the visuals are dated, but the information is evergreen.

Key #14

Click here to create your own Google Alertin less than 2 minutes!

Click here to learn more about social media monitoring with

Click here to go to TweetDeck

Click here to go to HootSuite

Key #15

Scroll to the bottom of this page to learn more about pre-optimized online press release templates

For more information about online PR contact ThePRDoc®

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