Meet The PR Doc™ - Your Guide to Online Public Relations Success

Hi, I’m Jim Bowman, The PR Doc. As a solo online public relations practitioner, I’ve been where you are – helping a variety of clients build their brands and do more business. I still am.

For more than 25 years I led corporate communications departments, built integrated marketing teams for advertising and PR agencies and served as a military public affairs officer.

Real Small Business Experience

While still in college, I ran my own business and met a weekly payroll of 10 employees. For a number of years I made my living in marketing and sales in the insurance industry, which helped refine my communications skills.

Now, my diverse experience is invaluable in understanding the mix of PR, marketing and advertising that defines online PR.

Actively Serving Clients

I still look for quality clients who want and need the advice of a senior communications professional.

I do that to stay current and because I enjoy it. But now I’m spending a great deal of time helping small business owners and public relations people learn how to benefit from a full range of online public relations activities.

Name Dropping

Unlike some online public relations “gurus,” I am solidly grounded in traditional PR, having served in corporate, agency and government assignments, including:

  • vice president of Corporate Communications for Nokia Inc., where we built one of the world's Top 10 global brands;
  • director of National Media Relations at Sprint, where we defined broadband networks in customer benefit terms;
  • head of Corporate Communications at Illuminet during a merger and subsequent public offering;
  • consultant to Kansas City ad and PR agency Barkley & Evergreen (now Barkley), to build an integrated marketing team to launch the forerunner of the Blackberry, and
  • public affairs officer in the Secretary of the Air Force Office of Public Affairs, Eastern Region, New York City.

That Was Then, This Is Now

For the past decade I’ve immersed myself in the ever-evolving world of online PR to serve clients ranging from startups to well-known publicly held corporations. Through that experience I've developed an approach that integrates the best of traditional and online public relations.

No PR professional can afford to ignore online PR or outsource it to specialists; it is an essential part of the skill set all PR professionals must have. It’s as fundamental as writing, pitching and building relationships.

No small business owner or manager should be without the marketing punch online PR can bring to your business.

How May I Help You?

If you are a PR practitioner who could use some senior-level input for client work, to help land a new account, or acquire the essential skills of online public relations, I may be able to help you.

If you own or manage a business and want to know more about the benefits of online public relations for your business, let's talk.

Please contact me to let me know your areas of interest.