Small Business Marketing - Online PR
More Traffic, More Clicks, More Ka-ching!

Small Business Marketing: promoting your business to customers so they can get to know, like and trust you and gladly do business with you.

Online PR: the way your company interacts with people online to promote your business and drive paying customers to your website, your brick and mortar store or both.

You are already doing online public relations (PR) now, whether by plan or default. This course will help you get all your online activities working together, including website, blog, social media, newsletters and online press releases. When they work together you get more traffic and more customers ready to buy.

Here’s how traditional PR compares with Online PR:

Chart compares traditional PR with online PR in terms of audiences, writing styles, media used, and others.

Online PR lets you use public relations tactics in small business marketing to cut out the middleman and reach the public directly – including clients and prospects – without the journalist middleman.

Now, small and medium-sized businesses can build reputations and sales online the way big companies have been doing for years.

Photo of Jon Stotts, CMO of List of Leads, Inc.

At last, someone has explained this stuff in common-sense language that makes sense! “Small Business Marketing with Online PR” demystifies online marketing and shows owners of both online and brick and mortar businesses that you don’t have to be a computer expert to understand the ‘why and how’ and get great results.

This is essential knowledge for any business owner or manager who wants to do more business and make more money using simple, cost-effective online methods.

Jon Stotts
Chief Operating Officer
List of Leads

Ebook cover for Small Business Marketing with Online R.

Just a Few of the Things You Will Learn

  • How to make your website an important resource that generates Web traffic while it builds your reputation as an expert
  • The problem with 85% of all websites that dooms them to failure
  • How you can have your pages welcomed onto hundreds of other websites, each page with links that drive traffic back to your website
  • How to use online press releases to eliminate the middle man and reach customers and prospects directly – while building valuable links back to your website
  • Where to find free tools you can use to do easy, but effective market research
  • How the Internet has changed the way news is reported and how that benefits you
  • Simple and inexpensive ways to monitor your online reputation
  • Why online public relations should be part of every small business marketing plan
  • And much more

ThePRDoc® offers this small business marketing course in a new interactive format proven to be incredibly effective.

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Cherie Gary, president of Gary & Partners, LLC.

I appreciate that ThePRDoc tutorials on topics such as keyword research, online press releases and social media get straight to the point, and I can quickly learn what I need to know from an expert.

Small Business Marketing with Online PR was designed for business owners and managers, but speaking as a PR pro myself, I recommend it highly to public relations professionals who want to go beyond social media solutions to help their clients build a strong online presence they own and control.

Cherie Gary
Gary & Partners LLC

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The system, called Key Learning & Application System, or KLAS, was developed by Dr. Will Powers, a Communications professor at Texas Christian University. He has used this system successfully to train thousands of corporate and government employees and university students.

Concept Keys offers a proven way to learn new skills without being overwhelmed by the sheer volume of course content. Each day we send you an email with a link to a brief lesson about a “key concept” you must learn to increase your knowledge and get better business results.

Here’s What You Get

Businessman taking an online study course on laptop computer.

  • Personal Concept Keys Web account
  • "Gentle Reminder" emails about scheduled deliveries
  • Brief daily micro-lessons
  • Food for Thought questions for each key topic
  • Refresher quizzes every 5 lessons
  • Self-selection of the most important key every week
  • You determine which concepts are most important and what to do about them
  • Availability to download, print, and bind all course materials, including your answers, into a workbook
  • Extensive cognitive engagements in learning and improvement activities

Bargain Price

The price is $37.50. No “bonus” offers you don’t have time to read and probably don’t want. (But there are some helpful extras inside the course!)

How else could you invest such a small sum and get such a big competitive advantage for marketing your business?

This is proven methodology I developed over more than 30 years helping companies of all sizes get better known and do more business. It works.

Get started now with Small Business Marketing with Online PR.

Michael Hinkle-Morrison, CEO of 2ServeSolutions, Inc.

As a former CIO, I understand the online world pretty well. Even so, I discovered a lot of new ideas and techniques in this course that I am now implementing in my commercial and residential contracting business.

“Small Business Marketing with Online PR” takes a thoughtful, comprehensive approach that shows how the pieces of online public relations and marketing fit together.

You can do everything in this course yourself, or you can hire professional help to do it. Either way, you will know how to get it done right.

Michael Hinkle-Morrison

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