Small Business Marketing with Online PR:
Your Key to More Traffic and More Business!
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Small Business Marketing Quiz:

  • Do you want to use the Internet to get more business, but don’t know where to start or who to trust?
  • Have you been putting off getting into social media, even though everyone tells you it’s a great way to find new customers?
  • Do you think press releases are just for the news media, even though you’ve heard they can help drive traffic to your website?

If you answered yes to any of those, this is for you.

The New Public Relations – Online PR

Online public relations is one of the most effective and least expensive tools available for small business marketing, but…

…most small businesses never take advantage of it because they:

  • think it costs a lot (wrong);
  • believe It’s only for big companies (wrong);
  • think they can’t do it themselves (wrong);
  • don’t know how to tell if it’s working, or
  • don’t know who to call for help.

There’s nothing that comes close to PR for delivering affordable, sustainable marketing results for any kind or size of business. Online public relations makes small business marketing even easier – and faster.

You Are Already Using Public Relations!

Here’s a fact: You are doing public relations for your business now, whether you realize it or not.

If that surprises you, you need to know more about public relations so you can do it better…

Public Relations Definition

A small business owner serves a customer in her store.

Public Relations is the way your company interacts with and relates to the public – including customers, prospects, employees, your community, the news media and anyone else.

That includes marketing, sales, customer service – and all the other ways you attract, sell to and keep customers.

See what I mean? You’re already doing it, even if by default. If you think public relations is about publicity, you are only partly right.

What Is Online PR?

Online PR is the way your company interacts with your constituencies online to drive paying customers to your website, brick and mortar store or both. More about that in a minute.

Until recently, the way to do public relations was to get a journalist interested in your story. The journalist then would print or broadcast it and the public would get the journalist’s interpretation of the story.

That still happens, sometimes with spectacular results. But now, online public relations lets you use public relations tactics in small business marketing to cut out the middleman and reach the public directly – including clients and prospects – without the journalist middleman.

Are Your Competitors Ahead of You?

A growing number of small businesses not only are beginning to realize the potential of online public relations for small business marketing, they are getting some amazing results.

Whether you want to attract buyers to a brick and mortar store or you want more traffic coming to your website, you can build your business and your brand with online PR.

Small Business Marketing with Online PR Levels the Playing Field

Now, small and medium-sized businesses can build reputations and sales online the way big companies have been doing for years.

Small companies everywhere are posting online public relations materials including search engine optimized websites, articles, press releases, videos, newsletters, blog posts and a wide range of social media that drive visitors to their websites to make sales or generate leads.

Do It Yourself or Outsource It?

If you have a knack for communication, you may be your own best PR person. But if that’s not your strength, or if you need to concentrate on other parts of your business, you still need to know how online public relations works so you can outsource it effectively.

Small Business Marketing with Online PR

This course was designed to help you do that. Small Business Marketing with Online PR gives you a leg up on the competition (and a lot of PR professionals, too).

Here are some of the things you will learn:

Ebook cover for Small Business Marketing with Online PR study course.

  • The problem with 85% of all websites that dooms them to failure
  • How to make your company’s website a go-to source of information that builds sales while it builds your reputation as an expert
  • How you can legitimately have pages on hundreds of other companies’ websites (with their help!), each page with links that drive traffic back to your website
  • How to use online press releases and articles to eliminate the middle man and reach customers and prospects directly – while building valuable links back to your website
  • Where to find free tools you can use to do easy, but effective market research
  • How the Internet has changed the way news is reported and how that benefits you
  • Simple and inexpensive ways to monitor your online reputation and measure results
  • Why online public relations should be part of every small business marketing plan
  • And a lot more

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Not Just Another Online Product

If you have ever bought an online training course or product, chances are it’s gathering dust on a shelf or it’s stored somewhere on your hard drive, all but forgotten. Training does no good if it’s not applied, and it can’t be applied if it’s never studied.

E-books, DVDs and printed manuals all have their places, but we know how difficult it is to find time to study and learn new skills while you’re running a business.

ThePRDoc® offers this small business marketing course in a new interactive format proven to be incredibly effective.

Learn with KLAS – Study 10 Minutes per Day, Learn It for Life!

The system, called Key Learning & Application System, or KLAS, was developed by Dr. Will Powers, a Communications professor at Texas Christian University. Dr. Powers developed KLAS to reinforce face-to-face sessions conducted while consulting with publicly traded companies about organizational development and training.

Image contains a reinforcing description of Concept Keys eLearning system.

Decades of classroom experience made Dr. Powers always alert to ways to improve the learning experience. Encouraged by the early results with KLAS, he decided to test it as a stand-alone learning system.

The KLAS experiment was wildly successful. Dr. Powers formed a new company around it, called Concept Keys, Inc. Until now, Concept Keys has been available only to big companies with hundreds of employees, government agencies (including NASA) and a handful of business consultants.

ThePRDoc Introduces Concept Keys for Small Business Marketing

ThePRDoc® has worked with Dr. Powers to make this sophisticated training system available to small business owners, because we know how valuable your time is.

Concept Keys offers a proven way to learn new skills without being overwhelmed by the sheer volume of course content. Each day we send you an email with a link to a brief lesson about a “key concept” you must learn to increase your knowledge and get better business results.

By delivering condensed lessons in short bursts, we're able to help you focus on one key concept at a time. The system combines individual decision-making, application of the lesson material, accountability for improvement, and reviews at regular intervals to reinforce learning.

All this in less than 10 minutes a day! No matter how busy you are, you can afford 10 minutes a day in small business marketing to help your business grow.

ThePRDoc/Concept Keys System

Concept Keys is a total learning system that blends the speed and flexibility of the Internet with proven teaching methods, including:

  • Brevity – small chunks of quality information
  • Consistency – lessons delivered to you every day
  • Application – you consider application of new information each step of the way
  • Self-selection – you select which keys are most important or relevant to you
  • Self-determination – you determine your own application and improvement plans
  • Minimal Time – less than 10 minutes per day
  • Quality – course developed by an experienced and respected author
  • Documentation – you compile all course content, including your own answers, into a comprehensive workbook at the end of the course (or Concept Keys will do that for you)
Here’s What You Get

Businessman at computer stuydying an online course.

  • Personal Concept Keys website account
  • "Gentle Reminder" emails about scheduled deliveries
  • Brief daily micro-lessons
  • Food for Thought questions for each key topic
  • Refresher quizzes every 5 days
  • Self-selection of the most important key every week
  • Self-determination regarding what to do about each of your most important keys
  • Availability to download, print, and bind all personal program material into a workbook
  • Extensive cognitive engagements in learning and improvement activities

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Small Business Marketing with Online PR provides outstanding course content and a structured learning environment that helps you master the basics, one step at a time, in about 10 minutes a day. What could be easier?

Whether you want to be your own PR agent, or hire outside help, you need to know what online PR is and how to use it.

Learn How to Hire an Expert – or Become One Yourself

Unfortunately, not all public relations professionals understand online public relations or small business marketing. Some marketing firms do parts of it well, but how can you tell which ones to trust?

Bigger PR firms often cling to traditional ways. When they venture into public relations online they focus on social media to the near exclusion of everything else. Ask them about the role of keyword research and search engine optimized content and see what they say.

Independent public relations professionals are nearly everywhere, and they can be a valuable resource. Some of them understand online PR, but many do not. You won’t know who knows what unless you know the right questions to ask.

Small Business Marketing with Online PR covers all the basics. When you complete this course you will know more about doing PR online than many of the public relations professionals you will meet.

Animated figure emerging from laptop screen witih bullhorn to make announcement.

More importantly, you will gain increased understanding, a path to practical application of your new knowledge and improved business results.

Proven in Real Businesses

I developed this course based on more than 35 years of big and small business marketing, public relations and sales experience with global giants and small businesses alike. I have owned small businesses, met weekly payrolls and developed winning PR strategies for multi-billion dollar global companies, so you can trust this is coming from hands-on experience.

This Is It!

This course covers the essentials, the key concepts you need to know about online PR. There is no fluff.

You will not find a long list of “bonuses” or extras served up as inducement to buy. Everything you need to learn the basics of online PR is in this course.

Think of the competitive advantages you can gain when you start getting your information on hundreds – or thousands – of other people’s websites. And those pages will have clickable links to lead visitors directly to a specific page on YOUR website.

Your Own Personalized Workbook and Action Plan

The KLAS learning system sets this course apart from ebooks, hard copies and videos. Each lesson is interactive and builds on the previous lesson.

But here’s something you won’t find with other online courses: your own personalized workbook.

At the conclusion of this small business marketing course you can compile all the information – including the full content of each key concept, your answers to questions, your action steps, and links to additional materials – into a personalized workbook that you have helped write. (You can do this every day, as well, by using the screen print function of your browser.)

You are actually preparing your own ebook and action plan one step at a time. When you finish the course you will not simply have read an ebook, you will have helped write it and personalize it for your own use.

You can compile the information yourself, if you wish, but you may want to have the Concept Keys staff do it for you for a small additional fee.

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Here’s the Price

The price is $37.50. I could tell you it is “a $497 value!” and then whittle away at the price with each succeeding paragraph. But I’m not going to do that.

Don’t get me wrong. The $37.50 price is a bargain that will pay for itself many times over.

You stand to make that back, and more, every time you use your new knowledge. But let’s skip the incredible offers, give-aways and other sales tactics.

Just ask yourself: “How else could I invest such a small sum and get such a big competitive advantage for my business?”

If you think of something, by all means do it. (Chances are it’s not going to do for you what this will, so you perhaps you should do both.)

If you can’t think of a better, ready-to-go, very small investment, then now is the best possible time to get started with Small Business Marketing with Online PR.

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Okay, There Is Bonus Material

Actually, we do offer bonus materials, but not in the usual online hypesphere way. The bonus materials are integrated into the end of each day’s lesson.

Here’s how it works. After you finish reading each lesson you will answer four Food for Thought questions. Three are multiple choice, and the forth asks for a brief response that you type into a text box.

Just below the Food for Thought questions you will see this banner:

Banner for Small Business Marketing with Online PR.

Click on it to go to a hidden page on, which we set up exclusively for students in this course. The page contains additional information and links to take you directly to related materials that reinforce what you just studied.

Be certain to click on the banner after each lesson!

What Business Owners Are Saying

What are others saying about Small Business Marketing with Online PR? Have a look.

Jon Stotts, Chief Marketing Officer, List of Leads, Inc.

"At last, someone has explained this stuff in common-sense language that makes sense! I’ve heard the buzz words tossed around and had a vague understanding that the online world can help my off-line business grow, but the Internet professionals always make it sound too technical.

Jim Bowman looks at the Internet through the eyes of a small business owner and public relations professional. ‘Small Business Marketing with Online PR’ demystifies online marketing and shows owners of both online and brick and mortar businesses that you don’t have to be a computer expert to understand the ‘why and how’ and get great results.

I’ve been online for many years, but more than half of the material in this course was new to me. This is essential knowledge for any business owner or manager who wants to do more business and make more money using simple, cost-effective online methods.

Jon Stotts
Chief Operating Officer
List of Leads

Cherie Gary, owner of Gary & Partners LLC.

"Jim Bowman’s years of traditional PR experience, combined with a deep understanding of the online world, have come together to produce a top-notch guide for small business owners and managers who want to use the Internet to do more business.

I appreciate that ThePRDoc tutorials on topics such as keyword research, online press releases and social media get straight to the point, and I can quickly learn what I need to know from an expert.

Small Business Marketing with Online PR was designed for business owners and managers, but speaking as a PR pro myself, I recommend it highly to public relations professionals who want to go beyond social media solutions to help their clients build a strong online presence they own and control."

Cherie Gary
Gary & Partners LLC

Michael Hinkle-Morrison, president of 2ServeSolutions, Inc.

"In a marketplace that constantly offers the latest hot idea for getting more business, “Small Business Marketing with Online PR” stands out as a remarkable exception – a thoughtful, comprehensive approach that shows how the pieces of online PR and marketing fit together.

I especially like how the course presents the information in concise, to-the-point lessons that only take a few minutes each day to complete, and the daily reminders help you stay focused.

As a former CIO, I understand the online world pretty well. Even so, I discovered a lot of new ideas and techniques in this course that I am now implementing in my commercial and residential contracting business.

You can do everything in this course yourself, or you can hire professional help to do it. Either way, Small Business Marketing with Online PR will show you how to get it done right."

Michael Hinkle-Morrison

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